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The Candidate Portal is designed to provide each candidate with the best opportunity to be identified and selected for new career opportunities in RFID, adjacent edge technology fields including NFC, sensors, and M2M, plus Cloud Computing and Networking.
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About RFID Recruiters and the Candidate Portal

Since our founding in 2004, RFID Recruiters has specialized in providing recruiting services for companies and individuals involved with Radio Frequency IDentification technologies, products, applications, and services. Over the last several years we have expanded our services to address what we believe are highly related and important adjacent technologies including NFC (Near Field Communications), sensors, and M2M (Machine to Machine) communication, plus Cloud Computing and Networking.

RFID Recruiters’ mission is to help the best companies and the best individuals find one another in a manner that brings into being the best RFID, NFC, sensor, M2M, and Cloud Computing and Networking solutions.

RFID Recruiters is committed to contributing to the development of Information Technology in a way that makes businesses more productive and people happier. This Candidate Portal provides an opportunity for the best candidates worldwide to confidentially provide information that is used only by RFID Recruiters to match your experience, knowledge, skills, and career objectives with those of our hiring company clients. Hiring companies DO NOT have access to the Candidate Portal or the records in our system. Our system is designed to help our recruiters match you with new career opportunities in an efficient and effective manner.

RFID Recruiters reputation is built on protecting the identities of both our hiring company clients and our candidates. Clients and candidates are only introduced to one another on a case by case basis when we determine in good faith that a well-qualified fit exists among the interests and objectives of both the client and the candidate.

Service is Free to Candidates
RFID Recruiters does not charge candidates for our services. All recruiting fees are paid by the hiring company. You simply need to supply us with your resume and related information - which is easy to do with the Candidate Portal and which will accelerate our ability to discover you and your expertise.

For More Information
For more information on RFID Recruiters' perspective on RFID, NFC, sensors, and M2M plus Cloud Computing and Networking career opportunities, please see:

At RFID Recruiters, we believe in efficient, effective, and personalized service. If you have questions, or if RFID Recruiters may be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact us with questions (not resumes) via email at inquiry@rfidrecruiters.com or via telephone at 800-982-RFID (7343).

Your Best Next Step
We encourage every exceptional individual in the fields of RFID, NFC, sensors, M2M, and Cloud Computing and Networking to start by submitting your resume and related information via the RFID Recruiters Candidate Portal.